Kalmor Odor sensor KAGUROBO series Portable Olfact meter

Here, we will explain in detail about the portable Odor sensor POLFA.



Odor Measuring Instrument produced by an expert of odor is POLFA

Nice Controllability


Anybody can use intuitively and easily because there is just truly necessary functions.A light and a small body, so it doesn’t bother you to carry.

Graph display


POLFA indicates measurement result instantly on display.It is easy to understand that odor intensity changes.

High Sensitivity

POLFA adopted Metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor which are higher sensitivity than conventional odor measuring instrument of Karumoa.


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Measurement principle

The oxygen in the air absorbs the electrons on the sensor surface when it is heated at high temperature. It becomes a resistance of electrical flow in the sensor element. If an odor component with a reducing potential comes to the sensor under this condition, the electrons in the sensor can move freely and the electricity can flow highly. This product reads this voltage difference and displays the odor intensity as the measured value calculated by our original formula.

Various functions of POLFA


Do not need other app DATE COLLECT

POLFA is equipped with date collect function mode. It is possibility that you measure long hours at 1 second, 1 minutes, 30 minutes and so on intervals. Date format is CSV files and this is recorded to micro SD card, so you do not need install any application.

Record atmospheric temperature / humidity SIMPLE THERMO/HYGROMETER

POLFA is equipped simple thermometer and hygrometer to support measurement. POLFA is affected from temperature and humidity. After measurement, use the measured value as reference.

Change a measuring range SCALE CHANGE

When odor is weak, you use this function. This function makes the difference big, so you can measure a slight difference.

Make a graph of odor fluctuations GRAPH DISPLAY

A graph is a real-time measured value, which is plotted every 2 seconds. you can see odor fluctuations conveniently.

Possible to adjust zero point ZERO POINT CALIBRATION

Usually you do not need calibration but you can get a temporary zero point calibration value when sensor material deteriorate or you need.

Long hour working outside AA-SIZED BATTERY

Power saving design, up to 16 hours operation available with four AA dry cell batteries. Compared to rechargeable batteries, it’ s easy to bring spare power supply, and convenient in the field. ※ Up to 8 hours operation with the condition of display light always on.

Indicate max value PEAK-HOLD FUNCTION

It is possible to indicate max value during peak-hold. If you miss a measured value, it is ok.


MENU is written in simple English for every users. Anyone can use this.

Use case

GBチームカタログ POLFA can be used in such a scene.

Maintenance and cautions

Need maintenance to keep up measurement correctly.

A pump and sensor element is consumption article. It needs to be changed periodically or every 4,000 hours. We inform the maintenance timing by indicating [M] mark on display.


There is a possibility that the sensor element will deterioration if measure a substance like the following; Hydrogen chloride, Acetone, Sulfur dioxide, Coal-tar, Silicon, Chlorine, Flurocarbon gas, Sulfuric acid mist, Hydrochloric acid mist, Oil mist and so on.


There is a possibility that you can not measure correctly in case of including like the following;

Ozon, NOx, Sox

Product spec and Accessories



GBチームカタログ The following accessories are included in a box.



“Which sensor do you choose?” “What kind of usage do you have?”

For those who have doubts, we are introducing the Karumoa odor sensor group.


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